Live-in childcare, reinvented.

An online community connecting families with American students and grads

homepair  /hōm’per/


  1. An American student, living “room and board” free with welcoming families, offering next-level care and mentorship to kids
  2. A savvy college graduate looking to use their skills and talents to save money, build networks and enjoy new and exciting experiences
  3. The smart and ethical alternative to an au pair

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Our mission is to make live-in childcare accessible and ethical.  We will measure our success by how well we achieve that mission – not by the size of our profits.
At Homepaired, we help students find good paying jobs ‘room and board’ free and get them on the path to building new connections, networks and opportunities.
Have questions? Read our FAQs  to get some answers, or send an email to and we’ll get back to you shortly.