“What do you do about childcare?” It’s a question I hear all the time in my mom community and it’s a constant hustle. For the past 17 years, I’ve been working as a makeup artist. I was based in NYC and worked in the areas of celebrity, fashion and advertising. I always thought it would be great to be able to do both and essentially have it all. A freelance career meant also being able to be a stay-at-home mom some of the time.

When my second child was born, I really needed the flexibility of an au pair. My to-do list was getting away from me and my house was a disaster, I was exhausted and it felt like things were unraveling. I realized I couldn’t do it all. Women have so much pressure on them to keep it all together and oftentimes it just isn’t sustainable. I knew there needed to be another solution for families to have affordable, quality childcare.

Homepaired is an incredible team of 5 working around the clock to bring a new concept in innovative childcare. We’re thinking of every detail possible to make this a safe and convenient option that helps families. I am passionate about helping mothers who want to stay in the workforce or get back to work part-time after children. Also, on the student side, we hope to help create new and exciting opportunities. It’s a know fact that being able to circumvent the barriers of the high cost of living in and near NYC could mean landing a dream job opportunity later.

I arrived here 20 years ago with bright eyes and a dream and hope I can help young students and grads experience what I did. Our hearts and minds are in this and we hope we’ll make a difference.

Sincerely yours,

Anthea King, Co-founder, Homepaired