Congratulations – you just hired a Homepair!

Congratulations – you just hired a Homepair!

All that is left to do is to schedule and arrange travel dates and have your home ready for their arrival. We recommend communicating with each other often over the next few days – this will help settle any nerves, but most of all – get excited!

Below we have also outlined a few things you can plan ahead of time:

1. Get an EIN. You need a federal Employer Identification Number to file taxes and claim tax credits. Apply online here and use it to register with your state also.

2. Collect Form I-9 from your Homepair. This verifies your Homepair’s employment eligibility that you should keep for your records (we have asked them to download and complete the form here).

3. Complete a W-10. If you plan to claim childcare tax credits (and why wouldn’t you!) you should fill out this form for your records with your Homepair’s details.

4. Get Worker’s Compensation Insurance. This is mandatory for any domestic employer, isn’t expensive and gives you peace of mind in case your Homepair gets injured whilst working – it protects you from expensive medical bills and lawsuits. Speak to your home insurer first (you may be able to add them to your insurance) or shop around at any state-licensed insurance broker.

5. Prepare a welcome pack. Families that can find the time to pull together a binder for their Homepair really do get a head start. Throw everything in there that your Homepair would find useful and informative: house rules, important phone numbers, playdate contacts, maps, places of interest, special care instructions…

6. Choose an activity tracker.  One of the first things to discuss when your homepair arrives is how you will keep track of hours worked and pay.  We recommend using a mobile app (Nanny Pay Advisor is a favorite of ours) that not only make logging hours easy, but can also generate weekly ‘pay stubs’ and statements that include overtime and taxes to withheld.

Last, we want to say a big thank you for using Homepaired. As one of our ‘beta’ customers, we would love to hear your honest feedback so we can continue to improve our platform and your experience.  Drop us a line at and we promise to get back to you.

Thanks and congratulations!

Team Homepaired