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* July 18, 2019:  Au pair agencies paid and settled a $65M class action lawsuit related to their role in the underpayment of au pair wages.  The lawsuit also authorizes au pair agencies to notify au pairs that they can negotiate higher than the $196 p.w stipend – which means that host families should expect to pay significantly more a week to their au pair moving forward.

Reasons to consider Homepaired…


Lower Fees / Better Wages

Our fees are 4 to 5 times less expensive than au pair agencies for a reason – so homepairs can be paid fair and lawful wages without breaking the bank for families.  90% of what you pay goes into your homepair’s pocket (au pairs only receive 50% and work for as little as $4.30 an hour) which means happier and more motivated individuals caring for your children, and a better quality service and experience all round.

Faster, More Flexible

Everything is quicker and easier with Homepaired. We’ve streamlined the process and provide you with everything you need to find, connect, book and manage live-in childcare effortessly.   Fast and flexible are not two words you would use to describe au pair agencies – expect bureaucracy, mountains of paperwork, painfully slow onboarding processes and fixed 1 year placements.

Safe and Trustworthy

All homepairs are legally allowed to work in the US (99% are homegrown, young US Citizens) which makes background checks far easier and practical compared to hiring an international au pair – it’s a process that is fast, cost effective, trustworthy and transparent.  Within hours, anyone can be checked against national and county registers, drivers and education records which means you can move quicker and with confidence when hiring a homegrown homepair.

Instant fit / Community

From the moment your homepair arrives at your home you are off to a head start. No cultural or language barriers makes for faster and more effective transition periods vs traditional au pairs. Homepairs have health insurance, a phone, a US driver’s license, they might even bring their own car – its the small details like these that families will tell you matter the most on a day to day basis.

Coming Soon!…Manage childcare effortlessly

We want to help you keep on top of managing childcare, and what better way than to have your own personal “dashboard” that lets you track, schedule, pay and analyze every dollar effortlessly that will save you time and money.  Features will include…

– Activity Tracker: Our shared calendar feature lets you schedule childcare easily, whilst your homepair can log hours worked and the activities performed

– Payroll and Record Keeping: Pay your homepair’s wages in an instant – we use the activity tracker to produce a weekly paycheck that can also factor in taxes to withheld and overtime.  With all your records in one place, preparing your taxes at yearend becomes a breeze.

– Your Insights: Get invaluable cost breakdowns and metrics into how you are using childcare and your average spend.  Set budgets for the activities you value the most so you can fully leverage your homepair’s key skills and talents.