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Homepair Interview Guide

Welcome to Homepaired—we are excited for you to begin your new adventure! The below guidelines will help you before the interview process starts. Our goal is to prepare you as much as possible, so you have the before best chance of finding the right fit. Above all, the most important thing is to just relax and be yourself – and remember, they need you just as much as you need them!

Likely, the family will have a set of questions to ask you, but you should also be ready with questions so you can mutually get the most out of the interview process.

We’ve included some samples of how the process could go.


Commonly shared information during first interview.

A family may ask the following questions:


  • Are you available on/around my ideal arrival date?
  • Tell me a little bit about yourself and why you would like to be in this role?
  • How comfortable are you driving? In new areas?
  • Tell me about a typical day for you. What do in your time off?
  • Is your family supportive in your interest in doing this?
  • I’d like to understand more about your childcare experiences. Can you tell me about your experience?
  • What were the children in the family like? Ages? Were you fully or partially responsible?
  • What types of activities did you do with the children?
  • What was the best part about working with those children?
  • What did you find challenging about working with those children?
  • What do you think children need most from their caregiver?

In addition to this they may ask

Age-appropriate childcare related questions:

Infant – Toddler

(3 months-2 years)


How would you feel if the baby cries a lot?

How frequently have you changed diapers?

Have you ever prepared a bottle or baby food?

What activities would you do with an infant?


(1 year – 3 years)


What activities of games might you do with a toddler?

Tell me about a time when you were able to help a child end one task and begin another without the child becoming upset.

Questions for older children

(4 years+)


When the children are not in school, how will you occupy them?

Would you be willing and able to help with homework?

How would you react if the children asked your permission to do something that you know they are not allowed to do (example: watch television before designated time, have a friend over, eat a snack that they are not normally allowed to have)

Sample Questions for the Family


  • Ask about their family, kids, their ages
  • What is a daily routine for the family like? Do the kids go to school? If so where? What is that morning routine like?
  • Are there family traditions, typical activities they do on a daily, weekly or monthly basis?
  • What are some of the things that they love to do together? What are some of the kid’s favorite activities?
  • How long has the family lived in the house/town they are currently in? Where did they live before?
  • Where are you both from originally?
  • Do both parents work? Is that locally or at a distance?
  • What industries do they work in?
  • What is the typical amount of care they are looking for from a Homepair? (of course, all the details will be outlined in the agreement, but this will give you a general sense before you get to that step.)
  • Does the family travel often? If so, to where? Is that something you would also be looking for care for? Does the family take any annual vacations such as spring, summer or holiday? Are any of the trips international?
  • Do you have family pets?
  • Do you or the kids have any dietary restrictions I should be aware of?
  • Are there any other family members that live in the home with you? Or that visit often that are part of daily family life?
  • Do you entertain often?
  • Is there an expectation that I bring a car, or will one be provided to me?
  • While I am living there, is it OK if I receive mail to your address?
  • Does everyone in the home speak English? Do you speak any second languages in the home?
  • Are there any special needs of the children I should be aware of?

After your first interview, a second video interview is highly recommended. You can ask them other questions that have come to mind, and they will do the same.
This is also a good time for your parents to meet and speak with them as well, if you decide that’s something you want to do.

Common second interview questions the family may ask you:


  • Talk about what a typical day is like in your house right now. Share if it will change when they would arrive. Talk about your children in more detail, describe what they like to do, foods they like to eat, etc.
  • What do you think will be the easiest part about joining our family? What might be the hardest part?
  • Share some of your non-negotiable household rules. Ask her if she would have any problems with them. What would you do if one of my children broke one of our household rules? How would you handle the situation?
  • Have you ever had a job? For how long?
  • Tell me about the amount of responsibility you have had to do in the past (cooking, cleaning, doing laundry). How do you like to keep your room?<
  • How long have you lived away from home? How do you adjust to living in a new place?
  • What is the most valuable thing you’ve learned in school? What do you hope to gain out of your experience here?
  • What are your expectations of your host family? Why do you think a host family would want to choose you?
  • Talk with her about her family background. How would your family describe you? How would your friends describe you?
  • What types of people do you like to spend time with? What does your family think about you accepting an opportunity like this?
  • What kinds of activities she likes to do in her free time.
  • What was the last movie you saw? Do you like to read? What’s your favorite book/movie?
  • Ask what kinds of activities she would plan to do with your children, or has planned to do with children she has watched.
  • What were your favorite toys to play with as a child?
  • What was your favorite book you read as a child?
  • Try to get a sense of her communication style. When something bothers you how do you try to resolve it? What is the best way to communicate information to you—verbally or email/text?
  • How do you deal with stressful situations?

Our best pieces of advice?

Remember, you are the best judge of who will ultimately be the best fit for you, so listen to your gut! Once you have received an offer and decided to join your family, let them know.

It is important to continue to communicate with your family up until you arrive – this will show the family that you are eager to work for them and will help establish a relationship.

And as always, feel free to reach out to our team at Homepaired.com for any questions you have along the way!