Our Charter

Homepaired’s mission is to make live-in childcare affordable, accessible and ethical.  We will measure our success by how well we achieve that mission, not by the size of our profits. That’s why we pledge to incorporate Homepaired as a Benefit Corporation.

“Traditional corporations are expected to use profit maximization as the primary lens in decision making. Many now see this as a hurdle in creating long-term value for all stakeholders, including the shareholders themselves. Benefit corporations reject this myopic model and commit to creating public good and sustainable value in addition to generating profit. This sustainability is an integral part of their value proposition.”


We believe that childcare is broken in this country. The well-being of our stakeholders – working families, mothers trying to get back to work, students crippled by debt and rising rents – is at the center of why we started Homepaired.  We stand by our charter and its values and believe that joining the ‘Benefit movement’ is the only way to operate a successful business in the 21st Century.

For more information please go to : http://benefitcorp.net/

      1. Homepaired’s mission is to make live-in childcare accessible, affordable and ethical

        Homepaired will support a business model that makes live-in childcare accessible to more families, and allows them to pay a fair, living wage to the American students and graduates who provide it ‘room and board’ free.  Our fees will be low and fair, and we will always offer families the opportunity to pay them over a period of time.  The days of high upfront fees are over.

        Homepaired will create a transparent marketplace that ensures the development needs of children being cared for can be matched with the gifts and talents of homepairs that can provide it.  We believe that childcare can be more than just getting the kids fed and dressed for school, that this precious time can be used to inspire, teach, and coach children to out-perform and succeed in life.

        Homepaired will take away the administrative burden and fear away from pursuing live-in childcare.  We believe students and families should be free to search and find each other online, that the hiring process should be simple and take days not weeks, and be able to collaborate and design a childcare agreement together, to have tools for tracking and scheduling childcare, and insights that help families extract the most value out of every childcare dollar spent.


      1. Homepaired’s operations will reflect its values

        Homepaired will never sell user data to third parties and defends the privacy rights and personal data of the people who use our service.

        Homepaired’s terms of use and privacy policies will be clear, fair, and transparent. Homepaired will simply provide the means for students and families to find each other, and offer tools that can take the burden and fear out of hiring and managing a live-in employee.  We will never get involved in the hiring or employment decision making process – but we will offer our support and help whenever you need it and be a ‘phone call’ away.

        Homepaired will not lobby or campaign for public policies unless they align with our mission and its values, regardless of possible economic benefits to the company.


    1. Homepaired supports a more ethical and equitable world

      Homepaired supports programs, organizations and charities that align with our values and principles, and promote a more ethical and equitable world for working families, students and children.

      We will pledge to donate a percentage of our after-tax profits to supporting worthy programs, organizations and charities that fight zealously for the well-being and fair treatment of our stakeholders – whether that is to reduce out of control student debt, fairer tax breaks for working families, or education programs that elevate children and young adults in under-served communities in and around the New York City metro area.