Earn up to $100 cash for each friend that books on Homepaired!

Easy money – just fill out the form below and we’ll send them your invitation right away.

(check in to make sure they received it!)


How it works:

Earn money for every referral that signs up to Homepaired and gets an active placement (either as a family or a homepair). Here’s how it works – when a friend you have referred reaches their 3 month milestone of being in active placement, you will automatically earn $25.  For each subsequent 3 month milestone, you will receive another $25. If your referral is in active placement for 1 year or more, you stand to earn $100 – not bad right?  

Here are some ground rules:

1.You can only earn money for a referral’s first ever placement; subsequent placements do not count.

2.After one year you can no longer receive money for that referral; max $100/unique referral/year.

3.If your referral’s placement gets cancelled or is terminated early for any reason – you will stop earning further awards on that referral.

4.You can refer as many as friends as you like, but referrals only qualify if they have never signed up for Homepaired before. 

5.Limited to one referral per household 

6.This is a limited time offer ending on December 31, 2019