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Basic Background Screen:  $ 30.00

  1. Social Security Number (SSN) Trace
  2. Full Name, Alternate Names, & Aliases
  3. Date of Birth (DOB) Verification
  4. Current & Previous Addresses History
  5. 7-Year National Criminal Record Search*
  6. Multi-State Sex Offender Search
  7. FBI Most Wanted & Terrorist Watch List
  8. INTERPOL Most Wanted List
  9. Federal, State, & Local Wanted Fugitives
  10. Federal & International Sanction Lists

** Investigative Solutions LLC will conduct an FCRA and GLB compliant pre- employment background check on each applicant. All criminal searches will encompass a seven-ten year history as detailed in the FCRA. Each applicant will provide a properly executed Disclosure Consent Form to Investigative Solutions LLC prior to undertaking services **