As summer is rolling up, families start to think about what they need to do to keep kids occupied and away from too much screen time. For working parents it becomes a big question of how to have childcare covered during those endless summer days.

For Homepaired, it has been a busy 5 months of ups and downs (mostly ups!) We’re finally launched the Beta version of Homepaired. I have began to present families with options pre-launch and we now have contracts in progress. I truly am excited for these families and think the pairings are a good as it gets. It’s been exciting to help both sides and getting the opportunity to meet everyone and listening to what their needs are has been humbling. I see much of myself in the students from when I was a fresh grad and moving to NYC and I also identify with the parents who are weighing in on options for childcare.

I’ve truly come to realize we must always root for both. Au pair agencies tend to favor the paying families- but like we teach our children be fair, be kind, be compassionate – we must care about both sides of the equation. A happy caregiver is better for your family and your children. We are working to help students and grads build their professional network and relationships in a way that empowers them but keeps the families childcare needs the priority. We must stay committed to screening and excellent customer service for every person to ensure we have quality candidates and customers on our platform.

We believe people deserve to be paid fairly and families shouldn’t have to decide between staying in the workforce and having childcare they can rely on. The feedback we’ve been getting has been so motivating and we are committed to being the best service we can offer while remaining true to our core values. We are hoping you’ll join us for the ride.