Why Homepaired?


We don’t believe high upfront fees are fair or necessary.  Traditional au pair agencies will charge between $9 – $10K – out of budget for most families with no guarantee you’ll get the service you require.  Our fees are 5x lower – we charge $175 for every month you need a homepair which you can pay monthly if that help’s your cash flow situation.


At Homepaired we give you the freedom to choose how long you need a placement for – not everyone is ready to commit to a year.  A three  month or summer placement is a great way for families to trial live-in childcare that have never experienced it before.  Extend easily, and if it doesn’t work out – you can apply any fees you have paid towards booking another homepair.


Choosing an American student makes everything easier.  The transitioning period is faster when there are no language barriers. Even small details like understanding the US highway code, having a phone, and sharing common cultural experiences all make a noticeable difference in how quickly your homepair settles in to family life.


We don’t just make finding and booking live-in childcare easy and fast – we also provide valuable online tools that make managing childcare effortless.  When you search our marketplace, use our agreement builder, or our activity tracker you’ll wonder why it hasn’t always been done this way.


Au pairs are paid $195 a week for over 40 hours of work.  This falls well below minimum wage and gives rise to demotivation and unhappiness (and class action lawsuits!).  With Homepaired, you can afford to pay a fair wage, stay even and get a far better level of service in return where everyone wins.


Background checks are integral to our booking process so you can make a hiring decision with confidence.  Homepairs are paid well and motivated, safer on US roads, and can follow instructions to a T so you can rest a little easier knowing your kids are in good hands.