You’re live on Homepaired – read our tips to get started!

Congratulations – you now have full access to Homepaired!  Please take some time to read some ‘tips and tricks’ to make your experience on our site as smooth as possible. 


Finding your perfect match…

  • Keep your profile up to date:  Do not inadvertently filter yourself out from a family’s search or their thoughts simply because your profile information is incomplete or inaccurate.\
  • Keep your options open:  We don’t want you to miss out on great families!  Show flexibility in your preferences and research towns where families live, you can have the best of both worlds by being based in beautiful suburban towns only minutes away from the city!
  • Take time searching:  Search results are sorted by ‘last logged in’ – but don’t just stay on Page 1, families further down the list are still active.  Favorite a family and they’ll receive an SMS alert that you are interested.
  • Hiding your profile: Go to ‘Edit Profile’ to hide yourself from search results (useful if you don’t want families to see or contact you).  ‘Unhide’ when you want to be visible again.

…connecting with families…

  • Use our ‘Chat and Video Calling’ app:  Click the ‘CHAT / VIDEO CALL‘ button to leave a message – just remember that you both have to be online to have ‘real time conversations’
  • Arrange a video interview:  Video calls are also possible using this app!  One small caveat – if you try and video call from a mobile device, please use Safari as your browser (not ideal we know – we are working on it!).
  • Use your cell phone:  Families can call you ‘cell phone to cell phone’ (handy if you keep missing each other online).  We provide ‘proxy’ phone numbers you can use to call each other ensuring your real phone numbers remain private!
  • We have SMS alerts: We will send you text message notifications every time someone leaves you a message or ‘favorites’ you.  We also send you text alerts throughout the booking process
  • Prepare for interviews:  Read our interview guides before you speak with families…we give some tips and advice on topics to cover and how to break the ice.

…and last, but not least….

  • Never share personal information:  We take everyone’s safety and privacy seriously at Homepaired (please re-read our Terms).  Please do not solicit or share private information such as emails and phone numbers with each other.
  • Use a desktop if possible:  Whilst our Beta site is mobile friendly – we’ve found the best experience is on desktop!  If you do use a mobile, we strongly recommend using Safari (especially for video calls as mentioned before).
  • Use our referral program:  Refer your friends and earn cash when a booking happens – it’s super easy and only takes a second!
  • Follow us on social media:   We would love your support on Facebook and Instagram – every like and share helps spread the word and grow our platform!

Thanks once again for joining Homepaired – we wish you luck on your new adventure and finding your perfect family!  If you have any questions or experience technical issues, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us anytime. 

Team Homepaired